Linen material, a timeless story rooted in belgian tradition

80% of quality flax fibres are original from France and Belgium is the world leader. Our flax is exclusive because it represents only 1% of all textile fibres consumed worldwide. Having selected the finest pure linen fibres, together with carefully chosen colours, we offer the ultimate in matching linen textiles.

The flax industry is a central theme of the social and economic history of South West Flanders, putting the small provincial cities of Kortrijk and Bruges on the world map in the 19th century. Until today, the best and finest luxurious linen fibres that nature can produce are being used, reworked by the latest techniques, creating an exciting material for interior use.

Linen care

Never before it was so easy to care for linen, maintaining that everlasting luxury linen feel. The washed DECOPUR linen fabrics are environment-friendly, adapted to new lifestyles, easy-care and crease-resistant.

Linen care

DECOPUR linen does not shrink.

Using the best flax yarn, the ready-made products are pre-washed “piece by piece”. the already washed and treated DECOPUR product avoid shrinkage.
The advantage with DECOPUR pre-washed linen is that we can offer a correct dimension without shrinkage after washing.
The size before and after washing remain the same.

Colour fastness

DECOPUR linen will show no colour differences after cleaning or washing. No colour fading: darker-coloured washed linen and lighter-coloured washed linen can be washed together.

The washing detergents that contain bleaching agents are perfect for white linen but should not be used for coloured linen. Never use chlorine bleaches, to avoid damage to the fiber. Remove stains when still fresh. Put delicate or fringed items in a pillowcase or a net bag to reduce wear and tear.

Tumble dry to keep the typical crushed look.
Avoid overloading which can cause fibers to break down from excessive abrasion and agitation.

Ironing depends of your personal taste.
Ironing takes the crushed look away.
Ironing DECOPUR linen is easier when the laundered items are still slightly damp, it will reduce your ironing time.

Dry-Cleaning Tips
If you take your linens to an outside laundry, don't forget to tell them that your linens are pre-washed and treated.

Please note
Varying shade of colours raises the beauty of the natural fibre.
Linen fabric by the meter is finished with its own crushed look characteristics.

Storage Tips
Linen is best stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area.
You can prevent creasing by rolling table cloths/bed sheets around a tube as you continue ironing.